Day 88: Culinary Canvas of Ganja

Today, I walked through the historical streets of Ganja under the cloudy sky. The air was cold, but the warm sun emerged from the clouds and shone on the old buildings.

On the cobbled streets of Javad Khan, my footsteps echoed, and every stone told stories of the past. The impressive Nizami Mausoleum testified to the city's literary legacy. I thought about the past for a while, feeling a strong connection to it.

Every plate was filled with exotic and comforting flavors. Lunch was exciting since I enjoyed the local food. The warm food tasted great in the cool breeze outside.

Later, I visited Khan's Garden. It's the oldest park in the Caucasus and a peaceful oasis. The leaves rustled in the wind and the crisp scent of autumn filled the air. I sat on a bench with my sketchbook, trying to capture the moment.

As the day ended, I felt grateful. Although I was thousands of miles away, I felt like I belonged there. Ganja's history and culture had captured my heart.

I returned to my room with memories lingering in my mind, like the aftertaste of wine. Tomorrow it might rain, but today I enjoyed the splendor of a city that seemed to connect the past with the present.

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