Day 90: Anila Hoxha

Today was a fascinating day in Tirana. The weather was warm, with the sun appearing and disappearing behind the clouds. I explored the vibrant streets of the city, discovering a mix of history and modernity at every turn. Eventually, I arrived at a charming café where I met Anila Hoxha, a local artist who was sketching the lively street scene. Her artwork perfectly captured the essence of Tirana's spirit, blending tradition with the pulse of contemporary life. During our meeting over strong Albanian coffee, we shared stories about our travels and the silent tales hidden in our art. Anila expressed her vision of showcasing Albanian culture through her paintings, with the aim of connecting people with the country's rich history and vibrant present. Our conversation was a reminder of the universal language of art and its power to unite different cultures. As the day ended, I left the café feeling inspired by Anila's passion and the lively streets of Tirana. My heart was full of new stories to tell through my paintings.

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