Day 91: The Timekeeper's Gaze

Today, I visited Samarkand, a city rich in history. The beautiful clear sky and sun provided a magnificent background for my exploration. My goal was to see the Registan, a place I've always wanted to visit.

As I approached, I was awestruck by the grand architecture of the three madrasahs and their intricate Islamic art, which were both testaments to the exceptional skills and dedication of a past era. I spent a long time there, drawing and taking pictures, trying to capture the essence of this impressive building. The sunlight shining on the tiles, making colors form different patterns, was amazing.

I talked to a few people from the area who had friendly smiles and stories that helped me understand this important location better. There's something about making connections with people that makes a place come alive, and today was a perfect example of that. The stories of the city's history were as mesmerizing as the buildings themselves.

Lunch was an uncomplicated feast, suggested by a friendly seller. The tastes were novel to me, a pleasurable fusion of spices and textures. While eating, I saw the usual bustle of life in this age-old metropolis.

When I went back to my room, I felt a profound sense of satisfaction. Today wasn't only about touring; it was about connecting with history, comprehending it, and letting it stimulate me. As an artist, cherish such moments as they nourish my creativity and remind me why I embarked upon this adventure.

Samarkand, with its vivid culture and deep-rooted history, has etched a permanent impression on me. I am excited to transform these experiences into art, capturing not just the physical beauty but also the essence of this captivating city.

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