Day7: Scented Symphony

Today was an exploration of the senses in a way I've never experienced before. I visited a local spice market in Algiers, captivated by the rich colors and intoxicating aromas that filled the air. Each stall was a treasure trove of scents and flavors, from saffron's golden hues to the earthy tones of cumin.

Inspired, I decided to create something truly unique—a scented painting. I purchased an array of spices, each one evoking a different emotion or memory. Back in my temporary studio, I mixed the spices with a clear, non-toxic adhesive and applied them to a canvas. The process was meditative, each brushstroke releasing a burst of aroma into the air.

As the painting took shape, so did its scent profile. It became a multi-sensory artwork that not only could be seen but also smelled. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience, pushing the boundaries of what I usually consider "art."

The painting is still drying, but even now, it fills the room with a complex bouquet of scents, each one telling a part of today's story. It's a tangible piece of Algiers that I'll carry with me, a fragrant memory captured in color and aroma. I've named it "Scented Symphony," and it's a piece I'll treasure for its uniqueness and the journey it represents.

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