Old Quarter Essence

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

The Old Quarter Essence design aims to capture the unique atmosphere of Hanoi's Old Quarter, a place where history and the present coexist in a dynamic tapestry. My intention was to convey the essence of this vibrant area known for its narrow streets, colonial architecture and bustling market life. The design is a collage of elements of the old town, including traditional buildings and street vendors, rendered in a vibrant array of colors. The choice of a vibrant palette was intended to reflect the energy and vibrancy that permeates the streets of the Old Quarter. Every element within the design, from the architecture to the people, represents the daily life and spirit of this historic part of Hanoi. Through this artwork, I wanted to express the sense of constant movement and the rich cultural tapestry that makes the Old Quarter a fascinating and enduring symbol of Hanoi's heritage.

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