Peace Memorial Park Panorama

Location: Hiroshima, Japan

In creating the Peace Memorial Park Panorama, my intention was to capture the essence of Hiroshima's history and its message of peace. The Atomic Bomb Dome, at the center of the design, stands as a stark reminder of the past and a symbol of hope. My goal was to balance the representation of this historic monument with the serenity of the surrounding park. By using monochrome for the dome, I wanted to reflect its solemnity and significance. The vibrant greens around it symbolize life and renewal, illustrating how Hiroshima has embraced peace and growth after the tragedy. The subtle red accents represent the resilience and enduring spirit of the city's people. More than an artistic expression, it's a tribute to Hiroshima's journey from destruction to rebirth, reflecting the city's commitment to peace and remembrance.

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