104 days: Sofie Christensen

Today, I went to the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. The art and architecture blend there. As I walked through the museum, I saw the city below me. The colors made me feel different moods.

I met Sofie Christensen, a local art student. She was sketching the view. Her quick, skilled strokes showed how light and shadow play off each other. Sofie, who was sketching the view, told me about her art project. She translates people’s stories of resilience into pictures. The pictures combine abstract shapes with bright colors.

Our talk was short, but it was very inspiring. She told me about the power of art to connect and heal. This idea is important to me because I also make art. As we parted, I knew that art is a universal language. This encounter will stay with me forever.

The rest of the day was spent in the Latin Quarter, where history whispered through the cobblestones. Every turn brought a new delight, fueling my creative reservoir.

Today was a reminder that each person we meet holds a universe of stories.

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