106 days: Ingrid Bergman

Today, I spent my afternoon at Fotografiska, a photography museum in Stockholm. I spent a long time looking at photos from around the world. Then I walked around Södermalm, a district of Stockholm. I met Ingrid Bergman, who is not related to the actress. Ingrid, a local artist and gallery owner, told me about the history of Stockholm’s art scene. She went from being a painter to helping local artists, and she loves art and history. We talked about how art is changing, and it made me want to try new things in my own art.

Ingrid invited me to a gathering of artists tomorrow evening. This unexpected encounter not only enriched my cultural understanding but also expanded my network in a city I was once a stranger in. As the sun set, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, I felt a profound connection to this place.

The day ended with a quiet dinner at a café overlooking the Riddarfjärden. I reflected on the day’s serendipitous moments and the artworks that await my brush. Stockholm continues to unfold itself, beautifully and unexpectedly.

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