114 days: Ana Kvaratskhelia

Today, Batumi's charm was undeniable under the soft warmth of a sunlit sky. I spent the morning at the Batumi Botanical Gardens, wandering among a lush display of local and exotic plants. The air was crisp, filled with the scent of blooming flowers, and the tranquil paths offered a serene escape from the usual pace of travel.

While there, I met Ana Kvaratskhelia, a local artist who was painting watercolors of the ocean view framed by magnolias. Ana told me about her life in Batumi, her studies in Tbilisi, and her return to her hometown to contribute to its burgeoning art scene. Inspired by her dedication to capturing the essence of Georgian landscapes, I felt a kinship in our mutual appreciation for the natural beauty around us.

Our conversation drifted from art to history, and Ana pointed out several local spots that she thought might spark my creative interests, including the old lighthouse and the poignant Medea statue. We exchanged contact information, hoping to collaborate on a cultural project that would blend our artistic styles.

The day ended with a quiet stroll down Batumi Boulevard, reflecting on the layers of history and the vibrant contemporary life that coexist in this city. The mix of old and new, much like the mix of natural and urban elements in the gardens, painted a complex picture of Batumi that I look forward to exploring further in my artwork.

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