115 days: Tigran Nazaryan

Today I climbed Yerevan's magnificent Cascade Complex, a colossal staircase lined with modern art and flowering plants that culminates in a sweeping view of the city against Mount Ararat - a truly majestic backdrop. The air was crisp and the sun cast a gentle, warm glow over the stone steps, making each moment feel like a scene from a well-composed movie.

At the summit, while sketching the outline of Ararat, I met Tigran Nazaryan, a local historian who was leading a small group. Tigran, with his deep knowledge of Armenian history and keen interest in the arts, provided a narrative so vivid that the past seemed to come alive before my eyes. His stories of Yerevan's transformation and resilience were as captivating as the landscape itself.

He spoke of the importance of the Cascade as more than a tourist attraction; it's a cultural center that resonates with the spirit of Armenia's past and present. Inspired, I shared my journey as an artist, exploring the world through my paintings, each a story of the places and faces I encounter.

Our exchange was enriching - connecting the dots between art, history and personal discovery. As the city lights began to twinkle below, I felt a profound sense of place and inspiration, reminded once again why I travel: to meet the Tigrans of the world, and through them, to see history and humanity in vivid color.

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