117 days: Farid Mammadov

Today's journey through Baku was a feast for the senses, especially the visual excursion to the Museum of Modern Art. The air was crisp, the sun cast a soft, warm glow over the city's eclectic architecture. Inside the museum, I was drawn to the vivid expressions and bold strokes of Azerbaijani modernists, whose work bridges Eastern and Western art traditions.

The highlight of my day was meeting Farid Mammadov, a local artist whose vibrant canvases of Baku's landscapes blend surreal and traditional styles. Farid, in his late thirties, shared stories of his travels across Europe and how they have profoundly influenced his artistic style. He spoke passionately about the synthesis of his experiences abroad with his deep love of Azerbaijani culture, which he channels into every brushstroke to create art that resonates with both local and international audiences.

Our conversation ranged from art to life philosophies, and I was captivated by his perspective on the transformative power of travel and cultural exchange-a sentiment I deeply share. Farid's story and canvases inspired me to explore a more inclusive approach in my own art, perhaps beginning with the landscapes of Baku, where the city's vibrant pulse could be translated into a series of abstract pieces that reflect its dynamic spirit.

Today was a reminder of why I travel: to meet souls like Farid, whose passion and paths inspire new directions in my own artistic journey.

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