124 days: Aliya Riaz

Today unfolded under the blazing sun of Lahore, a vibrant city pulsating to the rhythm of history and modernity. I decided to explore the Lahore Museum, where I immersed myself in the rich tapestry of Pakistan's cultural heritage. Among the ancient artifacts and intricate paintings, I met Aliya Riaz, an art history student at a local university. Aliya, with her deep knowledge and passion for South Asian art, offered insights that deepened my understanding and appreciation of the exhibits. Our conversation revealed her thesis work on the influence of Persian miniatures on contemporary Pakistani art, which resonated with my own journey of exploring artistic development across cultures. Inspired by her enthusiasm and the museum's collection, I felt a connection to this country's artistic heritage that I wanted to express in my next painting. As the day drew to a close, I left the museum feeling enriched and eager to translate this encounter into a visual tribute to Lahore's enduring heritage.

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