125 days: Priya Basnet

Today I ventured to Patan Durbar Square, the heart of Nepal's rich cultural tapestry. Amid the ancient temples and intricate woodwork of the royal palace, the hustle and bustle of the city felt like a backdrop to a canvas of historical splendor. It was here that I met Priya Basnet, a local artisan who preserves the traditional art of thangka. Over a steaming cup of chiya, she shared stories of her lineage and the meticulous skill involved in her craft. Priya's hands, stained with vibrant colors, moved animatedly as she described the symbolism each color brought to life on the canvas. Inspired by her dedication and the vibrant hues of her work, I felt a deep connection to this place where every corner tells a story of devotion and artistry. Our conversation was a vivid reminder of why I travel: to meet souls like Priya who keep the essence of culture alive. Today wasn't just about capturing scenes on canvas, it was about understanding the heartbeat of Kathmandu through its people.

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