140 days: Minji Lee

Today I ventured to Gamcheon Culture Village, a vibrant and artistic neighborhood nestled in the hills of Busan. The colorful houses and murals created a picturesque setting, perfect for an afternoon of exploring and sketching. As I wandered through the narrow alleys, I met Minji Lee, a local artist who runs a small gallery in the village.

Minji greeted me warmly and shared her journey as an artist. She explained how Gamcheon had transformed from a modest hillside community into a thriving cultural center. Her gallery displayed a mix of traditional and contemporary Korean art, reflecting the village's unique blend of old and new.

We spent time discussing her work, and Minji shared stories about the inspiration behind her pieces. She spoke passionately about preserving the village's history while embracing modern creativity. Her dedication to her craft was evident, and her stories deepened my understanding of Gamcheon's cultural significance.

Inspired by Minji's enthusiasm, I found a quiet spot with a stunning view of the village and began sketching its colorful rooftops and winding paths. Minji joined me and we sketched together, exchanging tips and techniques. Our artistic collaboration was a highlight of the day, bringing our perspectives to bear on our work.

As the day ended, I left Gamcheon Culture Village with a sketchbook full of new ideas and a heart warmed by the connection I made with Minji. Today was a beautiful blend of culture, art, and shared passion.

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