142 days: Li Wei

Today I decided to walk along the ancient city wall of Xi'an, a historic structure that offers breathtaking views of the city. The weather was perfect for a leisurely stroll, and the clear sky provided a beautiful backdrop for my sketches. As I made my way around the wall, I met Li Wei, a local tour guide who was leading a small group of tourists.

Li Wei noticed my interest in the architecture and offered to share some insights into the history of the wall. He explained how the wall was built during the Ming Dynasty and its importance in protecting the city. His knowledge and enthusiasm brought the ancient stones to life, and I was captivated by his stories of past dynasties and battles.

Li Wei also shared his personal journey and how he became a tour guide to connect people with Xi'an's rich heritage. He spoke of his passion for preserving history and the joy he finds in sharing it with others. His dedication was inspiring, and it deepened my appreciation for the wall and its historical context.

We spent several hours walking and talking, with Li Wei pointing out various landmarks and hidden details along the way. His insights enriched my sketches, and I felt a deep connection to the city through his stories. As the sun began to set, I thanked Li Wei for his time and guidance, and left the wall with a sense of accomplishment and a sketchbook full of new inspiration.

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