148 days: Ming Li

Today I visited the Pier-2 Art Center and it was an inspiring experience. The repurposed warehouses were filled with contemporary art ranging from abstract sculptures to vibrant murals. As I walked through the galleries, I met a local artist named Ming Li. He was working on a large, vibrant mural depicting the city's maritime heritage.

Ming Li told me his story over a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. He grew up in Kaohsiung and found his passion for art at a young age, inspired by the bustling port and its ever-changing landscape. Ming Li's work often reflects the dynamic energy of the city and its connection to the sea. He explained that his latest mural is a tribute to the hardworking fishermen and the vibrant maritime culture that has shaped Kaohsiung.

We talked about the challenges and joys of being an artist, and he gave me some tips on how to blend traditional Taiwanese elements with contemporary styles. Ming Li's enthusiasm was infectious, and I left our conversation feeling deeply inspired.

As the sun began to set, I returned to my room and reflected on the day's experiences. Meeting Ming Li and seeing the diverse artwork at Pier-2 has given me new ideas for my next piece. I'm looking forward to incorporating some of the techniques and themes I observed today.

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