150 days: Yuna Kim

Today I explored Gamcheon Cultural Village in Busan. The vibrant colors and intricate murals were truly inspiring. As I walked through the winding alleys, I met Yuna Kim, a local artist who has lived in the village for ten years. Yuna shared with me the history of Gamcheon and explained how it transformed from a modest hillside community into an art-filled tourist destination. She showed me her studio, a cozy room filled with paintings that capture the essence of daily life in the village.

Yuna's passion for her work was evident, and she talked about how the community of artists in Gamcheon has grown over the years. She mentioned how they collaborate on large-scale murals and installations, each adding their unique touch to the artistic landscape of the village. I was particularly moved by a mural depicting the unity of the residents, their hands intertwined in a circle of bright colors.

We spent the afternoon discussing different techniques and styles, and Yuna even gave me some tips on how to incorporate traditional Korean motifs into my art. Her warmth and generosity left a lasting impression on me, and I left Gamcheon Culture Village feeling inspired and grateful for the connection we had made.

As the day drew to a close, I found a quiet spot overlooking the village and sketched the view, hoping to capture the vibrant spirit of Gamcheon in my next piece.

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