158 days: Rina Santoso

Today I spent the day exploring Kota Tua, the historic heart of Jakarta. The weather was perfect for walking through the cobblestone streets lined with colonial-era buildings. The Jakarta History Museum was fascinating, offering a glimpse into the city's rich past.

While sitting in Fatahillah Square sketching the old architecture, I met a local artist named Rina Santoso. A painter herself, Rina shared her story of growing up in Jakarta and how the city's vibrant history and diverse culture have influenced her work. She told me about her family's heritage, which dates back to the Dutch colonial period, and how she incorporates traditional Indonesian elements into her modern art.

Rina was incredibly warm and welcoming and offered to show me her favorite places in Kota Tua. We visited the Wayang Museum, where she explained the importance of traditional puppetry in Indonesian culture. Her passion for the art and deep connection to her roots was truly inspiring.

In the evening, we walked along the waterfront where the old port once bustled with activity. The sunset over the harbor was a perfect end to the day. Meeting Rina and hearing her stories added a personal touch to my exploration of Jakarta and made it an unforgettable experience.


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